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Editing a Storage Provider

Once a Storage Provider has been created, you have two options for editing the job. You can either edit the Storage Provider's details or you can delete it.

Deleting a Storage Provider#

If you want to delete a Storage Provider, hover over it and press delete, you'll then see a modal that asks you to confirm the name before deleting it.

When deleting connected storage providers, any backups stored there already will not be removed. Any jobs (database or file) that have this storage provider attached will lose the use of this storage provider and if the result of removing this storage provider means any jobs will be left without any storage provider, those jobs will be disabled. You may add this storage provider again at any time.

Any active backups which are synced with will not be accessible once a storage provider is removed and you will not be able to see active backups or restore from any. However, backup history will still be viewable.

Editing a Storage Provider's Details#

You may also edit the configuration of your Storage Provider by hovering over the Storage Provider and pressing edit. The modal will look very similar to that which you saw when creating the Storage Provider in the first place. The benefit of editing a Storage Provider, rather than deleting and replacing it, is that you will not have to go back through all your jobs and re-attaching it.