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What is is a website that allows you to automatically back up a range of databases, files, and server instances through an easy-to-use interface. We take away the worry of not having a good backup plan in place by providing a simple interface where you can setup and monitor your backup jobs. Setting up a good backup process is a time consuming process that requires you to research the best solution for the specific resource you're trying to backup. With, all you need to do is tell us what you want backing up and we'll select the best tools for the job.

Why should I use

Anyone who handles any amount of data should have a robust backup infrastructure in place, even if you are a solo-developer you never know how fast your data can grow. The last thing you'll want to worry about is making sure your data is properly backed up and secure, especially when you experience fast growth and have other priorities. It is the same for any medium or large sized business which manages data, you will want to focus more on your core product rather than worry about maintaining a data backup system, but your customers will still expect you to keep their data safe. is designed to take that burden away, allowing you to focus on your product and not a boring but essential backup system.

There are a lot of tools and software already out there for managing and backing up databases, files and servers but there are so many to choose from and a lot to maintain and configure. Even if you create the perfect setup, it is a huge amount of effort to maintain such backup systems long term and a long term backup is what we all want, we can never predict data disasters 100% of the time but we can certainly prevent the impact they create - That is what is all about, focusing on providing you a long term backup system for databases, files and servers without you having to intervene that often.

How does it work?#

At a high level, we pull together all the great tools you already know about like mysql-dump, pd-dump, tar or rclone but we package them into one complete solution. We make sure each tool always works together and its our job to ensure compatibility is met, which is one of the major jobs when maintaining a backup system. is based on jobs, a job is something which runs, executes and outputs a backup. A job can backup a database, directories, files or servers. For some jobs we use a lightweight open-source agent which can run backup procedures on your servers and communicate surely over HTTPS to to receive jobs and updates etc. Other jobs which don't require use of the agent can operate over API systems, communicating from our secure servers to orchestrate backup operations. A backup job takes care of backing up your data, running things like retention policies and backup formats, while the dashboard allows you to launch restore events for when you (hopefully never) need to recover from data loss or disasters.