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What is the Bakup Agent?#

The Bakup Agent is a lightweight C++ program that runs on your server. Once installed on your server, the agent will make calls to for jobs and configuration updates. This allows you to keep your database server secure by not requiring you to make it publicly accessible on the internet or needing you to open up any ports that are commonly scanned for vulnerabilities.

Why use the Agent method?#

There are many methods to back up your databases and files, however we believe that the agent method grants you the best security, performance and flexibility.


  • Your server doesn't need to be publicly addressable on the internet
  • Inbound ports do not need to be opened for the agent to function
  • You can fully control what the agent has permission to read, and the commands it can execute
  • The agent is open source
  • You can whitelist IP addresses
  • Authentication tokens are rotatable and revocable from
  • The agent does not operate as root
  • The agent uses its own service user called bakupagent which you have full control over


  • Your server does not need to keep an open TCP connection whilst your backup runs. Compared to the SSH method this means that a long-running job will not fail if the network suffers a temporary outage
  • The agent will get the backup job from our servers and run it asynchronously. This frees up the agent to check for new jobs and configuration updates, as well as freeing up network resources


  • Can be deployed on public and private networks
  • Simple, one-line command to install the agent
  • Automatically updates itself without your intervention
  • Uses its own service user called bakupagent, its operation is isolated to this user
  • Can do the splits

Github Repository#

Our agent is fully open-source, you can find the project and code on GitHub: