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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make the agent run as a different user?#

The agent uses a service user called bakupagent and this user is created during the installation script. To change the user that the agent uses by default, check out Running the Agent as a Custom User.

How do I change the agent's API token and Client ID?#

To rotate your agent's credentials, log in to your account, go to your server settings and press 'Rotate Agent Credentials'. This will regenerate and update the credentials on and the related Agent. [TODO] check the path to server settings is correct

Why does the agent need to be executed as root?#

The agent is started as root so that it can read all the configuration files it requires. Once that process is complete, the agent will then demote itself to a non-super user, by default this will be the service user that is created called bakupagent. The agent runs as the bakupagent user, you can change it's permissions but just make sure you get no errors during jobs.

How do I get debug output from the agent?#

If the agent does not appear to be functioning properly, you can start it in debug mode by passing the debug flag.

  1. Stop the Agent service:

    sudo service bakupagent stop

  2. Then, in your terminal run the following command to see debug output:

    sudo /opt/bakupagent/bakupagent -d